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Thread: mounting a motor on a HB

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    Default mounting a motor on a HB

    Just wondering if you mount the motor dead center or how much off center to counter my 250 lbs. Or don't worry about it. Thanks

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    Center motor on transom and don't worry about it. Put ballast in the nose to counter your 250lbs. Zack

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    As to mounting an outboard, mount it on center, but if you mount a surface-drive, it should be mounted off-center to counteract the powerful torque of the large prop at the end of a 2'+ shaft. My s-d mudmotor is mounted approx 1.5" off-center to the left on my HB for that reason. When I used my 15 hp Yamaha, it was centered on the transom.

    By the way, up here, the 20 hp Honda is considered the primo outboard for a Hudson Bay.


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