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Thread: Looking to learn to trap rats.. North Pole area

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    Default Looking to learn to trap rats.. North Pole area


    I am new to trapping. I took a trapping class in 2010 out at lost lake and got very fired up and excited. Only to catch a total of 4 hare that winter. Granted I hadn't really scouted a good area prior too. I did bring in at least 1-2 yote by the look of the tracks, there were 2 sets of tracks about 30 yards apart, both heading straight for one of my sets. Both sets of tracks stopped about 20 yards out and diverted away. I must have left some scent. Anyway I got pretty discouraged and didnt even set anything this last winter. Now a friend of mine suggested I try for rats this spring. So... I have I think 11 110's that I could use but I have no idea really what to look for.

    I have read some posts in here that are very informative but would love to see someone do it first hand. So if anyone in the north pole/ Fairbanks area is trapping for rats and wouldnt mind showing me in person so I get the idea what to look for and how to set for them I would greatly appreciate it.

    Please PM me if your available. I work mon-fri day hours, but would come out after work or weekends if that fits your schedule. Of course I have no desire to tread on anyone's areas I just want to learn how to scout out areas of my own and what to look for.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hey man i live near the middle school and trap rats around the little sloughs here in NP, been killin em really send me a PM and ill show you how I do it somtime.


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