We will be heading back for the late season hunt again this fall. My friend drew the 830 tag and I will be supporting him in his hunt. I will be hunting registration again, and we are looking for another party with a boat who would like to go together. This will be my fourth Yukon hunt in five years and his third. I have hunted the Dulbi twice before and the Nowitna once. It can take two weeks easy and we are all about the experience; we like to set up a nice camp sleeping on cots in a big tent. We do like to take beer along on these hunts; but if you are not interested in having a beer in the evening that's fine too. Easy going but hard working is a good way to describe these hunts. I have a 24' jet boat and in the past we have gone with a 26' Hews Alaskan twice and another jet boat once. If you are heading that way and would like to travel together and or hunt together, let me know. We have another fellow who might like a seat on the second boat if you need someone to split fuel with. This is how I went the first time; responding to a message just like this, so if you are interested in making the hunt happen for you, give me a call and we can all sit down and go over all we know and see if we are all a fit for this. Will 841-6129