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    At the risk of everyone realizing how little I know about the game laws in AK, I have a question about trout/pike fishing.
    Say I'm jigging for trout somewhere in Anchorage, can I also have a tip-up set for pike? I think the law is if you're pike fishing you can have 5 lines out, and if you're trout fishing you can have 2. So could I potentially fish for both and have 7 out? Or am I limited to fishing for one thing at a time...?
    I just need a little bit of clarification so I don't go breaking any laws.

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    best bet is to call the troopers on it.

    But if I had to try an answer it....if I was trout fishing, and can only have 2 rods...the 2nd one being a pike setup, I would consider myself maxed out on rods in the water.

    other things to think to pay attention too depending on water shed is bait, and hook gap restrictions. They change quite frequently from water to water.

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    what I understand is you can only have hte max number of lines in conjuncton (or what ever that looong work would be) so you can have 5 lines out, you could fish for trout with 1 and have 4 for pike, or you could have 2 for trout and 3 for pike but not 5 for pike plus 2 for trout....smell what I'm steppin in?
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    Yeah, that makes sense. Thanks guys!

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    Only certain lakes allow 5 lines for pike. See page 15 of the Southcentral regulations.
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