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Thread: Multi Fuel Generators and Stand By System Generators

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    Default Multi Fuel Generators and Stand By System Generators

    Well since the end of the world is scheduled to occur in a little less then 9 months, I was thinking I better get my **** together and prepare for the worst. All kidding aside, I've been doing some research on a generators even though I already have one, I've been looking into two options potential upgrades, the Generac Home 20KW generators that automatically kicks on when there is a power outage, and the smaller multi-fuel generators by Yamaha. I really like the versatility of being able to burn more than one fuel type in an emergency situation with a few minor changes that takes a minute to do. One I am already plumbed so to speak electric and gas wise for and ready for the other I'm gonna need a full day with an electrician and pour a slab. I know there are lots of other brands out there also, but these two are in my price range. Does anyone own one of the Yami multi-fuel generators show on the links below. I'm leaning on the EF6600DEC and would like to know more about them. Also, if anyone owns a 20KW Generac Home system, what is your natural gas fuel burn if you have narrowed down.

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    The NG gens are nice BUT you are relying on a service to keep running in the event someone throws the switch. I would go Diesel Gen. and stock pile the fuel or make my own out of used motor oil.

    We installed a 15K NG gen at our local PD [I run our Electric Dept. at the city ] and I was left out of the loop on picking one out to use. Our City manager and the city mechanic made the choice.
    The boss told me what he ordered and when it was coming. I ask him what he bought and that's when he told me were getting a new NG gen.
    I ask why he didn't go Diesel [ like we had, STAND ALONE ] and he said NG was cheaper to run so I told him that it's hard to run if they can't pump it OR I or the water dept. dig up ANOTHER HIGH PRESSURE GAS LINE in town [ Read , fuel supply is SHUT OFF] he just stared at me then walked away mumbling Alpha Hotel or something like that . LOL

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