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    Default Handheld Radio Suggestions

    Figure this might be the best place to ask guys in the know on handheld radios.

    I am looking for a simply handheld radio to use to communicate with other vessels if needed while getting dropped off via water taxi and the like.

    Thanks for any and all input.

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    I would recomend standard have used them daily over the last 5 years they seem to last longer than any other brand out there.I have tried Icoms and they are short lived and seem to have a short range all off these radios are top end hand helds with 1 to 5 watts of power.I work in the cook inlet dredgeing and see all types of weather and standard in my opinion is the best hand held out there.

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    Don't get one that isn't waterproof or floats........Thank me later!

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    I always have mine on me when I go to shore, just incase my boat is gone when I get back. Keep it in your pocket, even when on board, incase you go overboard or your boat sinks out from underneath you.

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    Thanks guys, went with a Standard Horizon 750 model for $130. Just liked that it was waterproof, floated and could even crank up to 6W if needed. Seems like cheap insurance on a fly out or water taxi drop off, no subscriptions just one up front $130 cost. I know I was impressed when Stid was about to hear/talk to the air taxi pilots when they flew overhead.


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