Well I am sort of back! Feeling better after the moose thing!
Got in 60 miles of gromming with 3 machines, and got 2 more going out tonight to get a little more smoothed out.
Thing were really bump up out there after 3 weeks. So I am doing a lot better and can use my shoulder some so I am getting together with everbody I can get my hands on to help.
Weather is great. Temps are just the best, snow is 3 ft+ deep and powder still can be found in the swamps.
Like I said we are try to Take the Bumps So You Don't Have Too! But you guys made some mighty find BUMPS!!!
So it will be better this weekend and even lots better next week.

Got a cabin left this weekend give me a call.

Call me if you want to help 495 5884
Thanks for all your thoughts.