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Thread: Request a hunting friendly school schedule

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    Default Request a hunting friendly school schedule

    For all of you on the Kenai Peninsula with children that are or will be school aged, the district is beginning to work on the school calendar for upcoming years. This is a great chance to request that the school adopt a schedule that is friendly to fall hunting. You can comment at this link:


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    If you have a chance, I would encourage you to go testify in front of the school board. While your experience in Kenai may be different, I found that they paid almost no attention to the written comments in Anchorage - or so it seemed by their lack of concern for an issue that was mentioned by ~40% of respondents.

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    It is a frustrating subject for many of us. It just doesn't seem that the schools care about our input on the subject. Almost feels like were turning into California. Either way, the boy will miss a few days of school. It is too important in our family to miss out. It's my way of giving the middle finger to the new society of idiots running things these days.


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