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Thread: Mini underwater vidio set up

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    Default Mini underwater vidio set up

    I know they have been out for a number of years. I was in sportsmans yesterday and happened to see the mini vidio they have now, camera on a weight with fins, really clear picture on a nice little screen. I bet it would be really fun to watch while fishing, drop it down upstream from your bait in a hole and just watch all the salmon ignoring your bait and at $500 would be one of the cheaper items in the tackle box. Have any of you guys used these in the past couple years. Bud

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    A friend of mine has one that I have used a few times. It does not shoot video but you can watch the fish on it. He bought his from Harbor Freight for around $100. The first time he put it in the water the weight fell out and sunk to the bottom. He returned it for another new one and used electrical tape to hold the weight in place. The first time I was with him when he used it we droped the camera to the bottom and there was weeds or some type grass growing up that looked like trees. The fish would swim out of them like a big game animal would come out of the woods. Was fun to watch.


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