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    Are any of you using these on your kicker/trolling motors? If so, is it working good for you? I am in the market for a kicker, and it looks like a pretty good setup for a kicker without having to buy/install control cables, also, can get a cheaper lighter motor and still be able to steer and control from the cab
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    I'v been using one for several years on my 8hp Yamaha with no problem. The easiest way to control the throttle I have found. I know several on them in use and are real happy with them

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    FYI; I've been using a trool master for over 10 years and have only needed to replace the servol motor once due to my error. Service is very good via;Magma MFG. 1892 Lewiston,ID. 83501 Ph.# 877 688 8880. I've set my 8hp 4stroke on an offshore mount on my weldcraft. connected via linkage(aux motor connector rod) Has spring loaded release caps on the rod ends. so the ball threaded end screwed right into the front of a 150 etecjust above the hydro steering cyl. the kicker is set on a CMC-PT35 trim-tilt unit. I don't have the space to mount elect.steer system. The slick part of this setup is being able to trool 3mph for rainbow, or 1 mph for lake trout. With fish on I can reach over stern,unclip steer rod and use hand throttle for power and steer. Just get in the habit of hitting the idle switch (or button) when you get a strike. Guess I went for the best use for the best over all cost. I'm not connected in any way with any of the products I've named.


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