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    Looking for some input some idears I'd like to toss up and present to the higher ups. I havent taught since the course changed. Hopefully I'm not jumping the gun by posting this......

    Shoot me an email if you're interested in a possible change to the course. Thoughts...concerns etc.

    Basically what I was thinking in a nut shell is a once or twice a year a true BEGINNERS intro to bowhunting ed class. SOmething someone can still walk out with a IBEP card or atleast have the written portion done and ready for the shoot when they get to that point (up to 1 year from the time of the written). But having the knowledge on how to START, and some of the basic info not included in the class with a lot more time on set up, tuning, problems etc. More time for discussion and hands on. Having this specific course offered once maybe twice a year and keeping the...hmm....'accelerated' course for those who just want to 'get it over with' on the peg board. So the option is there for people who want to do this right from the start...and the quick course for those who dont need/want it.

    I personally feel this course has a great potential, and the current progam though much better than when the change first happened, is missing a key element of information that is really needed, if nothing more than a basic understanding knowing we cant go over every single make model of archery gear, but it will give a basic understanding on how to do things, when crap goes bad. how to fix things that we can be fixed and possibly save someone a hunt or a headache atleast. And HOPEFULLY teach newcommers truely interested in this lifestyle, the RIGHT foot to start on from day one. The internet is great thing. This day and age we have lost the mentorship most of us started with.

    We may not be able to teach ethics, that hole leading a horse to water and making them drink....but we can hand the tools to the new and upcoming, to be more successful.....

    I dont mind open discussion or private.


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    Great idea!!

    I teach the bow hunting segment in the MD Hunter's Safety Class and we barely scratch the surface regarding hunting and archery in the 2 hour block (sometimes less). I'm especially concerned about the kids in the class because they want to get a bow and kill something and the hunting parents buy the 12 year old a 40 lb bow and let them shoot paper plates for a week or so then turn them loose with broadheads. We end up with a lot of wounded deer that way that get stuck in the butt with an arrow and go off to die somewhere else.

    The training required in AK is so much better than a lot of other states and you folks should be proud of that...much better than when I taught it up there in the mid 80's. I'm moving to Idaho as soon as my wife retires and that will be one thing I want to do there is get gets kids trained and started on the right foot...that really is the future of our hunting and shooting sports. I had to give up flight training after 25 years but I can still do guns and bows and I'll focus on the kids as long as I can.

    Keep up the good work!!
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    Dan I certainly think it is a great idea,I miss the days in Kenai where they would have to shoot broadheads(not sure what they do now) for their profeciency, it was really eyeopening for some as to the need of proper tuning.Basic knowledge could also save their hunt so to speak as you pointed from a compound point of view just knowing how to fix a loose rest or nocking point or what not in the field and a couple of shots to resight could keep their hunt from being ruined..basic understandings of tuning are soooo important to say the least... Good idea tradbow,very good

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    I for one would take your course. I've only hunted with a rifle but I find myself checking Alaska's list and the forum for a good bow deal all the time. Along with reading all yalls posts!

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    well made some calls the last few days...found out fairbanks has a beginners bowhunter course at UAF. not quite what I'd hope, its not free..but its a start.

    And also the course change...if you dont pass the course the same day you get to retake the classroom portion before you can reshoot....

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    What does the class usually run about price wise? I have not shot a bow since I was a kid and my dad used to take me and my brother out to shoot at targets on giant round hay bales. It would be cool to get back into it, especially for hunting.


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