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Thread: Rebarreling my '03 Springfield

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    Default Rebarreling my '03 Springfield

    I need to find a barrel to put on my 03 Springfield. I want to rechamber it for 25-06 and don't know where to find a barrel.

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    Default 03 rebarreling...

    Almost all of the 'major' barrel outfits, including Kreiger, offer contoured barrel blanks that can be fitted to your action. Unlike a 98 Mauser, though, you're NOT going to find them for $65.00 from Midway.
    Try PacNor, Badger, and the like, they should be able to set you up with a contoured, threaded, short chambered barrel that's affordable.
    Other than that, you're looking at having a gunsmith turn, thread, and chamber a blank and fit it...
    You didn't mention the serial number or manufacturer of your 1903 rifle.
    Those receivers manufactured by Springfield Armory under s/n 800,000, or from Rock Island Arsenal under s/n 186,000 are almost universally considered unsafe for use due to inconsistent heat treat prior to 1918 that can result in catastrophic failure of the receiver.
    Unless damaged, SA and RIA s/n's above those mentioned, as well as any made by Remington or Smith Corona can be safely used if the work's done properly.


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