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    Default Eotech Magnifier

    Does anyone have one or any experience with it? Thinking about adding one.

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    I noticed that it made the recital crisper/cleaner with alot less bloom when I tried one out a few weeks ago at Birtchwood.

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    ill let you know this summer (if i remember) i ordered an EOTech MPO III for my 450 Bushmaster, that comes with the magnifier. as long as it comes in on time for my vacation in june.
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    I have a G23 on one of my evil rifles and it is an awesome piece. I use it with the a 553 HWS. It a good set up.
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    I've used/owned an EoTech 3x magnifier and I liked it a lot. If you are using an EoTech red dot I think you will like it. The one I used was clear and sharp, a good piece of optics. I've heard that some of the lesser priced brands were, well, lesser quality and left the owners with a desire to have the real EoTech magnifier with the swing to side mount. I sold mine a few years ago and when I go out with my EoTech I kind of wish I still had it. See if you can look through one if you can. You just might like it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 377PFA View Post
    Does anyone have one or any experience with it? Thinking about adding one.
    works great on fleeing trargets, and small seal or otter sized heads on a moving boat. If you want just an eotech flip the magnifier out of the way and let fly.
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    Default Magnifiers

    Hi all! 1st post of many.

    I would look at a Primary Arms 3X or 6X before I dropped the change Eotech or Aimpount are charging.
    While on R&R a few weeks ago I added a P/A 6X to my 512 and like others have said it actually tightened up the 65 MOA ring.
    The quality of the glass, focus ring and overall fit and finish was outstanding.
    I would love to give you a range report but someone decided the needed the whole set-up more than I did when I passed through Kuwait last week.


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