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Thread: What accessories did you add on for hunting on ur bike

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    Default What accessories did you add on for hunting on ur bike

    So I am looking to buy a bike when I return to Fairbanks. Not sure which brand yet as I know as much about mountain bikes as I do seahorses.

    After reading hear and talking to a few people I am leaning towards a hardtail 29er and a bob trailer

    There are quite a few people here that use both. I would like to know what accessories you have added to your bikes to increase performance, safety, comfort and what not.

    Any after market add ons or stuff you purchased at the same time as your bike?? Any homemade fabrications that work well for you?/

    Thanks all for any info


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    You will want to get the plastic fenders, front one has a piece that installs inside the fork then the fender clips in. The rear fixes to your seat post with a strap. I opted for better grips, have palm swells are are gel filled or softer rubber, take out some of the fatigue. Lastly I added a seat post from Crane Creek, two models and I can't currently remember. Has polymer pieces you can mix and match for comfort ride. I bought that and use it year round. Takes the jar out of trail riding, bought it when I was scouting for sheep in your hunt area while I was riding with a day pack and before I had bought the bob trailer. Worked nice. Love my set up. Oh, get a pump that attaches to your frame and water bottle holder.

    You can get into a Specialized brand lower end bike for a really good price. Decent components and my first one, hardrock, lasted 10years with no upgrades and very little maintenance and I sold with studded tires for $100 less than I paid for it! Good bikes hold their value and are worth the money from a real bike shop. Don't buy wal mart, fred meyer, or costco bikes. Go for the real deal and get the pro service, like you would with your bow or rifle! Eklutna lake trail is wide, so you could do with a cheaper trailer for that. Take a lock to when you decide to head up you can lock your tires, seat post, bike frame and trailer. I used a dog 10' cable tie out. I don't trust anyone any more and when you are back in there 10 miles or so maybe you want to hide it well so you have a ride out!

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    i micky moused a bino holder & a pitol holder to the front bars. I also bringa mini can of wd 40. i like to be quiet as possible. Ive seen lot more critters on bike than anything else. You move with a purpose, and your not as loud as walking or a rig. had some scary moments coming around corners due to this.

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    My snarky answer is a topo map since the graphic on my bike has one printed on it which helps when I'm hunting ON my bike. Ha ha I know, so funny...The deer tend to congregate around the top tube...

    I would look long and hard at the Trek Cobia as I think it's the best bang for your buck this year for a hard tail 29'er. If you're looking cheaper then maybe a GT Karakoram 2.0 or look for new old stock at a discount.

    Right now all I have is a rear rack on mine, but then I wouldn't over-think it either. Too much stuff will just get in your way. A nice Bob trailer, good sound deadening for chain/cable slap, a good tool/repair kit and pump, that's about it. I'm not one for mounting your rifle on the bike. I'd rather have it in the trailer or on my back with a sling like my Browning has that will go over both shoulders (probably not recommended for brushy trails). Maybe a good cheap plastic camouflage netting for caching your bike. I have started greening/blacking out the graphics on mine. NOt sure what I can do about the shiny bits like the fork tubes, maybe graphite or moly lube.

    I have seen rifle mounts on bikes, but I wouldn't want to ride that way. I suppose if I did though it would mount buttstock back to the seatpost drop tube and barrel to the head tube following the angle of the top tube but below it. Seems the least intrusive to me and it would scare oncoming hikers...
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