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Thread: Need advice on gun sight

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    Default Need advice on gun sight

    I need to replace the rear sight on my Savage 24 in .410/.22 WMR. I would like something a little more accurate than a standard ramp or buckhorn style sight but I don't want to drill and tap the receiver for a receiver sight. I mostly use this gun for hare, ptarmigan, and grouse hunting. What would be a good option that would work well for both accurate head shots with the .22 but still allow me to use the .410? The gun also has a dovetail scope mount on the top barrel like most rimfires do but I prefere to use iron sights on this gun.
    Thanks, Mike

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    Williams Gunsight company makes or made a peep sight that clamps onto a rimfire dovetail mount. I have one here and it is stamped 54 on the bottom of the base. I'm not sure if they make one for the skinnier dovetail on the older, smaller 22/410 barrel but some guns have a wide dovetail and some have the narrow one.


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