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Thread: Best place to buy parts.. whether online or around the state?

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    Default Best place to buy parts.. whether online or around the state?

    Anyone have a secret website that they get great parts for Polaris sleds from? Anyplace around AK that sells good quality parts that wont leave me breaking my bank?

    I know Darby's in Fairbanks is a good quality place when I need parts.. The Outpost is not bad but expensive..

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    What type of parts are you looking for??????

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    Depends on what you need. A cruise through the yellow pages will get you more hits than asking on here, but here are my resources: Alaska Snow Salvage in Anchorage and PSS in Wasilla is a good place for used and some new parts. Really nice guys at both locations. The dealer can order you any parts you need, for a price. Ebay is also a good resource for new and used parts. It's an expensive hobby. Just be glad it's not an airplane or a boat

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    I just found my 8 tooth drivers on line in MN at a place called JJPOWERSPORTS. They seemed to have a good inventory, and I found a live warm body on a Saturday to help. Another friend uses MANUFACTURER'S SUPPLY, maybe out of WI or MN. Apparently they sell everything from lawn mowers and leaf blowers up to sled parts. Old DENNIS KIRK has been around a long time. Other than that on line, just google Snowmobile parts and see what you get.
    Locally, Lyle over at Phillip's Recreation has new and used parts and normally does pretty good work if you need help. Also call Reed's Snowmachine and Marine. He is closed over the winter, but does check recordings. He has a yard full of old machines that he'll sell or part out. He has some new stuff too.

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    JR Graham has pretty good prices and has 2nd day Air shipping for 6.95!

    Snow Salvage in Anchorage can be ok, but their customer service is god awful. They are notorious for quoting you a price, then jacking it up when they ring you up.

    True story, I watched the same guy do it to 3 straight customers (including me) in the shop. I wanted a tail light and had been quoted $10 by 2 different people, and when they were ringing me up, he says, "thats actually $12." It was $2, so of course I didn't care, but he did nail the 2 people in front of me a little harder.

    But saying that, when you do get a part from them, its generally much cheaper than you can find else where.

    *Note, if you call and they say they will call you back....they won't. Just call them back in 30 min or so.

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    I've gotten most of my parts either from Ak snow salvage, or off of flea bay. Getting used parts can save alot of money, but you need to absolutely know what the part number is to make sure you get the right part. I have 4 new bogie wheels that I don't currently have a use for due to guessing when ordering some stuff off of ebay.

    I've found with Ak salvage you really need to go in person and have your old part in hand. I had the opposite experience regarding their pricing, I'd gotten a bunch of parts, and two of the bearings were the wrong size. They hadn't itemized the receipt and the girl couldn't remember if she charged me $7 or $10 ea, so she credited me $20 for the pair, and nocked off a couple more bucks from the windshield I purchased. But go in before the lunch crowd and expect to spend some time waiting for service and picking through parts.

    I recently got some parts for a yamaha from parts reloaded, good prices and fast reasonable shipping.
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    What Paul H said: if you don't need it RIGHT NOW then eBay is a good place to get parts. I paid $175 for a fitted best-quality OEM canvas cover for my 2007 Bearcat when no-one anywhere had one or could get one. They were over $200 new from the dealer when you could actually get one.
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