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    what is the best bait for harding lake and what are they using for sonar

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    I have had the best luck with clackers,than tubes and airplanes luck with herring lakers swim right bye.sonar not really a big deal. i caught plenty with out one in the past. just think, cold weather fish are deep because lack of oxygen in the lake so they hug the bottom. hope that helps

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    A 3 or 4 inch tube jig has produced the most fish for me. I have seen a few fish caught on other lures and bait. Including spoons, herring, and skirted plastic squid.

    I have used a showdown model and a vexilar F12 and fish have been caught with both.

    As I have posted in the past, I found using electronics is a great tool to have in that deep lake. Its like fishing blind if you dont have them. You wont need electronics to catch a fish, but it sure does help.
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    definatly fishing blind without one! We spent a ton of time trying to coax a bite without one. The 2nd day I picked up the lx5 wam and its only been up from there.

    I wont give out my lures of choice, but those mentioned work well, every days different. Some days they pound everything, some days they touch nothing, otherdays they are very selective.

    You wont go wrong with any flasher imho! I dont like the idea of an LCD screen over a true flasher but in a heated fish house they work fine. Its the long snowmachine trips to other lakes that make me wonder.

    we've also played with the cameras and personally I think its a waste of money. The best shots we had were looking straight up. Otherwise at depth there just wasnt enough light. Though fun, its a lot of money for a glimpse of a fish imho.


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