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Thread: Swaro spotters: HD versus reg. glass, worth the $?

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    Default Swaro spotters: HD versus reg. glass, worth the $?

    Well the title pretty much says it all. Looking at things I really can't afford, and wondering how much difference the HD glass makes. Seems to me that for a price difference equal to a pack, or pack and tent etc, I could convince myself to buy the the "lower end" Swaro spotter. MY gut feeling is that the ATM 65 to ATM 65HD doesn't make as big a difference as the jump from non Swaro glass to non HD Swaro glass. just looking for real world side by side comparisons or impressions here thanks

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    You could read the following:

    Not specifically what you asked for, but it may help. Lastly, optics are one of those things where the phrase "you get what you pay for", really applies. To help make the pain of acquisition less, amortize the scope you buy over ten years. It helps.
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