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    Default Dumpster Moose photo

    Sad state of affairs when wild animals like this moose become so habituated to the human presence that they resort to scavenging food from municipal dumpsters. This photo was taken just yesterday by my daughter who is a student attending University of Alaska Anchorage.
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    Default still has antlers

    When did you say she took that picture?
    Those antlers are hanging on real good.. Or is that garbage on the ground that looks like Antler?
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    Default Antlers

    The photo was taken on April 3, 2007, and you are right they are antlers. Unusual for bull moose to be wearing their antlers in April. Now I am wondering if this is common for urban moose. Anyone reading this post ever noticed if some moose in and around the Anchorage area wear their antlers throughout the winter ?

    Also to answer your other question that is a bag of garbage on the ground that the moose is muzzling through. My daughter told me that the moose took the bag out of the dumpster, dropped it on the ground, tore the bag open, knelt down and started eating whatever was edible.

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    That must be the poster child for "BIG WILD ALASKA"!

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    Default March 04 Article

    Fairbanks Daily News Miner March 2004 article:

    Moose Pesky in Quest for Garbage Morsels by Tim Mowery

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    I wonder what the Raven Clan think of thier breatheran hanging out at McDonalds and rummaging through the waste? Moose, cyote's, ravens, magpies, bears, foxes and I imagine all wildlife will take a free lunch when they can get it, no big deal.


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