Posted in archery, I thought I would cover both. If you were lucky enough to draw a tag on Ft Rich (JBER) this year, access procedures will be changing.

JBER's current recreational access system, USARTRAK, will be replaced with I-Sportsman effective 1 April 2012. This new recreational access system consolidates user requirements for the Joint Base. Recreational users can access I-Sportsman, register and print a permit from their residence or go to either the Boniface Gate Visitor Center or the Arctic Valley Visitor
Center and use the self-help kiosk. You are also able to sign in and out via cell phone with a web browser. This permit is currently free to all individuals eligible to recreate on JBER. Having an I-Sportsman's recreational permit is a pre-condition for recreating on JBER. Recreational permit violations may result in the loss of recreational access privileges
on JBER. To obtain a permit, visit or call 855-703-9176 to register.
The I-Sportsman recreation pass alone does not give you access to JBER. To gain access to JBER you will need to have your I-Sportsman recreation pass and stop at either Visitor control center to be vetted onto the installation if you do not have base access. Individuals failing the vetting process will not be allowed on JBER. If you have questions on installation access
requirements, see the Security Forces personnel at the Visitor's Centers or call 552-4029.