Just wanted to let people know about the good service I just received. I was bear hunting with another forum member last May down by Dillingham. About 3:00 one morning, I was rousted out of my bed with the tent down around me. By the time I got out to see what was happening there wasn't anything around. While fixing my oatmeal the next morning, I noticed a paw print, toe nail snag, broken fly pole and ripped fly on my tent. I guess one of the local bears decided there was too much snoring coming out of the tent and decided to make it quiet again. The tent is a Velo by MSR so I contacted them and they said send it in with $20. They had it for about 2 weeks and it came back looking great. The repair was difficult to find and there was a new section of pole to replace the broken one. It cost them almost $20 to ship it back to me so the repair was free. Totally crazy service and they deserve to be recognized.