This is posted on Craigslist. Maybe someone closer can help this guy out? Heard he needs to find the dog a home in a couple days or will be forced to take him to the animal shelter. Please contact him, not me, as I don't have any other information. Thanks! --Karen in Fairbanks

Tanner needs a temporary home for three to six month as his master is unavailable to take care of him. Not sure how this works. I wish to find a good hearted person who can take care of him and also likes the companionship of a "be by you dog". I am currently unemployed and could only offer something in trade for his care. I am a handy man and carpenter by trade if that helps. I can buy his food before I leave. Please help. He is a very lovable, loyal, and house trained. He is 12 years old. NOt high maintenance to say the least. If you can help or have any ideas, please contact me.