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Thread: Partner wanted: Early-Mid-Sept

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    Default Partner wanted: Early-Mid-Sept

    I was going to do this solo but I actually like to share a camp.

    I'm looking for a partner with their own boat for a 7-8 day mixed bag hunt on an undisclosed river this fall. Possibilities are caribou, bear, moose, wolf, wolverine, waterfowl in early to mid September--I don't have exact dates yet as I'm waiting on my work schedule for the summer fall.

    The river is mostly class I/II with a few spots at III. I've never run this river but the intel I have says the Class III spots can lined without too much difficulty. I will be rifle hunting and I will be bringing a shotgun and my Chessie. The presence of the dog is non-negotiable.

    We split costs 50/50.

    I have an Aire Traveler which is big enough for me. If you have a similar craft or small cat AND experience and are interested please PM me. Need to book an air taxi for a portion of this trip. We'll discuss the details in person.

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    Personal message sent

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    Default Partner wanted: Early-Mid-Sept

    Erik how'd this work out - did you find a partner?
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