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Thread: Recommended 300 Win mag receipe for FMJ

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    Default Recommended 300 Win mag receipe for FMJ

    I'm looking to load up some FMJ bullets for the winny mag and looking for some recommendations. Was hoping for somethiing in the 140-160 grain bullet. Thanks.
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    I've used quite a few of the military pull-down 148's that are available from time to time. They do "all right" in the 308 and 30-06, but I've not considered using them in the 300 Winchester. I've also used some of the 150 Hornady fmj's, and they shoot quite a bit better, and can be driven about as fast as you can tolerate.
    I've also used 168 gr. fmj's from the guy at when he has them available. I loaded them up to use in my M1903's and Garands, and they do shoot really well, aren't terribly expensive, and the extra weight works well in the 1-10 twist of my rifles, and have a pretty decent ballistic coefficient, so should be good at extended range. Only problem is that they only seem to set up and run one bullet style at a time, and the availability is spotty, and I have to check back about once a week to see what they have on hand.
    Upside is that they ship in a USPS flat rate box, so the shipping won't kill you.
    Think at least 4350, 4831, or Rl22 and load to the top end of recommended loads.


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