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Thread: Homer for halibut?

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    Default Homer for halibut?

    Heya floatpilot. I'm looking to venture down from Fairbanks this summer to add some seafood to the freezer for a change of pace from the moose and caribou.

    Do you have any suggestions on the best way to take home some halibut and silvers? I'd be flying down in my 185 on straight floats so would be looking for a place to stay for a night or two.

    I've flown out of Homer a lot in the past doing survey work and this would be a great "fun" trip. I haven't been halibut fishing in Homer for 5 years now and my wife says it's time. How can I argue with that???

    I'd be happy to bring you down some red meat if you are interested?

    Thanks for the input.

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    Default When the time gets closer

    When the time gets closer give me a call or email and I might have my guest pilot cabin available. I am not exactly being buried in reservations. And last year half the people were no-shows.
    Some friends of ours who were running a charter business for years just gave it up. Lack of business and high fuel cost.
    I will ask around to see who might be the best to go out with.
    There are kids on the spit who will fillet it all for you, so you should be able to haul it back north in a cooler full off ice.
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    Cool. I'll touch base a bit closer. I would be a nice break to smell the salt air again.



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