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Thread: Hunting Mountain Goat

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    Default Hunting Mountain Goat

    Hi everyone,

    Does anyone out there know of a good book on hunting mountain goat? I see there is one listed here on the forum titled "Hunt High For Mountain Goat" but was wondering if anyone had a personal favorite other than that.

    Thanks in advance,

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    That is a good book!

    Also, Jim Shockey sums up goat hunting well:

    "Mountain goat hunting isn't in the dictionary,
    but if it were, the definition would simply read
    ..."up and down." Nothing more, nothing less.
    Just "up and down." "

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    Not a hunting book, but the best book to learning the biology and behavior of Mt Goats is A Beast The Color Of Winter
    by Douglas H. Chadwick.

    I ordered mine from Titlewave books.(

    They have free shipping in Alaska.

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    my favorite book for mtn. goat is hunt high for mtn. goat. i thought it was good. a bit dated, but good.
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    Default I read a good one awhile back

    I read a good book on goat hunting quite awhile ago. I can't recall the name of it off the top of my head, but I recall that it was written by Duncan Gilchrist. You could probably run an google search by author to find out about it. If you are new to goat hunting, basically it is very similar to sheep hunting. I guided a guy a few years back who took a record book billy out of the Chugach mountains. I am not a real avid goat hunter, but the main difference that I know about them is that Billies tend to live closer to the ocean and in especially in close proximity to glaciers. It has to do with a complicated theory called "Geists dispersal theory". The other main difference that I have noticed between sheep and goat hunting, is that goats will typically not run when spooked like sheep will. They instinctively know because they are so sure-footed in the nasty gnarlies that no predator can pursue them into the craggie rocks. Something to consider when goat hunting because of the incredibly steep terrain is that you don't want to shoot a goat unless you know you can get to him. I have heard many a tale of guys shooting goats in places they couldn't get to and ultimately having to forfeit they're prize.

    Good luck and God bless,

    Bushwhack Jack

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    Default Goat Book

    A new book that is just out is "The Mountain Goat Challenge" by Ace Sommerfeld. It is a nice read. Gary

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    Default The Mountain Goat Challenge - book

    Outdoors Directory now has the Mountain Goat Challenge book listed on the website. You can obtain your personal copy here:


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