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Thread: Eagle River Aurora

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    Default Eagle River Aurora

    We dont often get a good display down this way, and so far when we have the clouds or work or something else has gotten in the way. Thursday was a totally different story though! Everything lined up and it was the best display I have seen since I got up here! Tommorow morning I am leaving early in the morning for a week long trip up the haul road for more photography and hopefully an archery bou/predator hunt! With any luck I will have more to post in a week!

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    Love 1 and 3.

    I noticed a little light streak on #1 (on the tree branches at the right), but it can easily be taken out with PS. It has been cloudy all over the interior recently. There were some lights out last night, but for short periods of time and right overhead on the sky. It was cold, too, so I decided to return home and sleep instead.


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