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Thread: Kings or Reds on the Kenai mid july ?

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    Question Kings or Reds on the Kenai mid july ?

    I am trying to set up a guided trip on July 15th /16 on the kenia.My problem is which to fish for .I would like to say 'Lets fish for whats biting '
    but that does not seem to be an option.So what should i do ? Kings or Reds ?
    Thanks for any help


    P.S I just like to catch fish

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    Default Both

    Fishing for both should not be a problem. The catching part is tricky. Both species will be in the river though.

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    Default Kings & Reds

    There is plenty of day light hour to fish for both. Hire a guide to take you King fishing in the mornings. Most operations run morning and afternoon trips. However, I would stay away from the afternoon trips. Then you can bank fish for reds later in the day and evenings are good.

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    You don't need a guide to fish for reds, and consider "The Ditch" (Kasilof River) for kings. Much more pleasant, enjoyable river to fish in July than the Kenai. Drift boat only, no crowding, and a much better chance of catching a king. The fish are smaller, but it is a MUCH nicer river to fish.....

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    Default Kings and Reds

    Traditionally (and reality), the peak of the Kenai king run is around the 15th, for the last few years, however the reds didn't peak unlil afterwards. Statistically, there should be catchable numbers, however it likely won't be hot.

    You will find great difficulty finding a guide on the Kenai for the 15th or 16th because those days are closed to fishing out of a guide boat. It is possible and legal for a guide to transport you to a red fishing spot on the bank as long as you are not fishing out of a boat.

    Guides are not allowed on the Kasilof on Sundays.

    I agree with previous posts... you don't need a guide to fish for reds (however it could shorten the learning curve if you haven't fished for them before). Unless you have a boat and tackle (or friend with boat and tackle) you will certainly want a guide for Kings, though bank fishing the Kasilof is possible, it is not particularly effective in July...

    The Kasilof is expected to have another huge red run this year, so expect the king fishing to be impacted by a terminal sockeye fishery... that is the gill nets effectively choke off the river to try to harvest the remaining sockeye and thus prevent over escapement. Nevertheless, there have been some very nice kings caught on the Kasilof in July. The Kenai will be crowded, but the chances of catching a nice king are good.

    Most guides are doing a 3/4 day trip and will be off the river by 3:00 (some are still doing afternoon trips), so with a 3/4 day trip, there is plenty of time to fish for reds on the banks...

    One word of caution, however is pay close attention to emergency orders this year that will close bank access that has traditionally been open. We had a disasterous flood/ice problem this year that damaged/destroyed much of the infastructure designed to protect the riparian zone/habitat.

    Here is an image of a fishing platform at Centennial Park in Soldotna I have more images posted at Online Guide Finder Forum . These photo's were taken yesterday, April 3.

    So, there are definite possibilities... remain flexible on your planning, check the regulations and emergency orders.. and you will enjoy a great trip to the Kenai....

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    Wink What's biting. . .

    I would like to say 'Lets fish for whats biting 'P.S I just like to catch fish
    It's commonly accepted that reds don't bite they are "flossed."

    But flossing catches them. . .

    Good luck. . . .

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    Thumbs up Thanks

    thanks for all the good info.I have the stuff to fish with from the bank so i guess king fishing is the right think to do with a guide.I would like my wife and 13 yr old to catch some fish and the few time they fished from the bank it was kinda slow.We will near Willow one day,then go to Seward for three days,then maybe Sterling or ? for two days.We will be fishing every chance we have.If any one has personal info and a guide near Sterling i would like to know.Thanks this forum is a great help



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