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    Looking to book a charter this summer for Salmon Shark. Myelf and a few buddies are going to do our best to land a few. We are looking at the week of July 4th. Does anyone know if this is a good time? Also is Valdez better than Whittier or Seward? Thanks guys.

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    You may want ot call and book now. We had 11 guys go out on two diffrent days last year with Orion Charters in Valdez, we booked in late January early Feb. and it was all most too late. From what I've seen and heard, alot of these charters book up by the middle to end of April. Just my two cents.

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    Default Orion Charters

    I have heard nothing but good things about Orion Charters out of Valdez. I am sure there are others who go out and target Salmon Sharks, I just haven't heard anything about them.

    If it was me, I would definitely get on the phone and give them a call. See what he has available, and when he thinks the best time to go is.

    If it works out great! If it doesn't, see if he can recommend any other charters.

    Hope that helps.

    -- Gambler

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    Default the later the better

    The later in July you go usually the better, as the sharks are feeding on the salmon coming towards Valdez. By mid july there are usually a fair number of pinks around & the fishing is good.
    Also you might want to try Shark Tooth Charters ( out of Valdez ) he takes charters of 5 so depending on the size of your group it may be a good option as he a good guy & has great gear.

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    I better give them a call myself since I want to try shark fishing this summer myself.


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