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Thread: Wrangell mnts sheep

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    Are they all they are cracked up to be? I am looking for any legal ram, above that is a bonus but not a requirement. I am also looking at the brooks range, but the wrangells sound better, steeper, and cheaper (less flights/driving).

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    Default Wrangell sheep


    I believe the Wrangell sheep and especially the sheep hunting to the north of the Wrangell Park is your best chance at a legal full curl ram. The mountains in that area should be suitable for your sister's first sheep hunt. Start an exercise routine of hiking uphill/downhill with backpack working up to 60 lbs plus rifle, plus squats and push ups.


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    Take it one step further when cosidering any place to hunt sheep.
    Not every drainage is created equal and it doesn't really matter what mountain range you pick. Some parts of the Brooks have very few sheep and even fewer legal rams. While some parts have a legal ram hiding behind every rock. The same goes with the Wrangells.

    Think about wintering areas like Turnagain Arm. They hold a lot of sheep in the winter and in the summer they aren't too far away. Every mountain range has these areas. Sheep live where they live for a reason. Find out what makes a sheep happy and then you will be happy. Talk to guys who have thrown in the proverbial "sheep towel" and don't forget about Fish & Game they are a wealth of information.

    A legal sheep is not always a mature ram. Start by looking at the drawing hunts or open areas like unit 11.
    I think you have the right idea ...any legal sheep is a good sheep. Have fun!


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