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Thread: PWS spring Black bear-Heavy snow?

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    Default PWS spring Black bear-Heavy snow?

    Any predictions for Black bear in PWS This spring with the heavy snow?

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    I think the snow starts to melt it will push out of dens quicker. Then they have lots of problems getting around which will push to beach. Cruise the beach spot and stalk. Cause we all know you can't shoot black bears in PWS from a boat.

    I'm worried about the little tasty deer population more than anything.
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    We have 92" of snow on the ground in Valdez. My poor little Honda blower can barely push it up and over the sides of the driveway. Cordova has a record year going too. So who knows when it is going to melt. Even though, we had a small bear out about three weeks ago near the airport.

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    The heavy snow all over South Central will make for some great spring bear hunting! In PWS it should help keep them on the beaches longer. Mid May till closing should be HOT like normal.

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    What is not going to be any fun is setting camp up in a snow bank.....those with big boats don't get to have this fun.

    I will just have to pack some extra firewood for the tipi...........

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    I have shot them as early as late April, but seems like the more snow the less bears we see especially in the shoots. My guess is late May this year. Not even going to waste the gas going any earlier.


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