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Thread: Moose Hunt Bummer

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    Default Moose Hunt Bummer

    After dreaming about coming to Alaska for a moose hunt for nearly 20 years, it looked like it was finally going to happen. My partner and i were going to head to Alaska this fall for a moose float trip. He had been brown bear hunting last year and we had a good lead on a hunt with some potential. After months of planning, researching, and phone calls, and being on the verge of putting down our deposit money with a transporter, my partner has found out he has to start chemotherapy and radiation for cancer. Obviously, his health is far more important than a hunt. The moose will just have to wait. Found this great forum in the research process. So in the meantime I'll vicariously "hunt" through your guys stories of adventures on this site.

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    Well, sorry to hear about your friend. Health and family are far more important than chasing animals. Hope your buddy does well and makes it back to the woods soon. Look forward to the post hunt thread you write about your future hunt together.


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    Yepper real bummer! Sorry to hear the news. Our thoughts and prayers will be with you and your hunting partner. I hope is status is positive and all goes well.



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