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Thread: flesh colored rabbit skins?

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    Default flesh colored rabbit skins?

    Hey there,
    Does anyone have an online source for whole tanned rabbit skins dyed in the salmon flesh tones. I have some orange and white but i am looking for some creamier colored flesh toned skins. I am not interested in cross cut strips or zonker strips but whole skins. I have a source for black olive orange purple etc. but no flesh. Also does anyone dye there own? If so what colors work the best for you. I have done some experimenting with tan and orange but not quite right with the color.
    Thanks bushwaker

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    If you are in Anchorage you should go to Black Elk Leather as they have many skins and many colors. You can also do a google search for dying with koolaid and get some great techniques. With the koolaid you can do just a few strips to get it down and it don't stink up the house. here is a web site for tiers and they may have some better advise for online sources..

    Hope this helps,


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    Default Just found one

    A friend just gave me this address. I cant see a photo if this is the color i want though.

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    Default color chart

    here is the color chart

    i ordered some from them 2 weeks ago. very nice skins. $2 worth of precut does go a long way.

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    Here's a good book on the subject. Well worth the cost by one of the best tyers out there:

    A. K. Best's Dyeing and Bleaching: Natural Fly-Tying Materials

    Get this and do it right the first time.


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