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Thread: More questions about the Alaska Moose Federation

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    Default More questions about the Alaska Moose Federation

    Just found this old story by Rick Sinnott about the Alaska Moose Federation's orphan moose rescue program. The usual suspects are involved including Rossi. Man, looking at a bigger picture really helps to make one understand what a disaster Sarah Palin unleashed on wildlife and hunters when she brought this guy on board. After reading this story and the one the other day mentioning that AMF was soliciting that donations to them be given to a non profit Alaska Village Initiatives who AMF shares an office with in Anchorage, a tax-deductible charitable organization, in an attempt to get around tax laws, it's now apparent AMF needs a good looking into.,0,0

    There are some other connections I'm still investigating that are troubling too. Post more on that later.
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    I appreciate your contributions to this forum, twodux. Thanks for your input. I've been trying to track down some info on AMF and their tax status as an "org" in Alaska. Can't find where I read it. But as I recall they resubmitted (refiled/changed) some pprwk for some recent yrs past and shortly after receiving some grant money from the State of Ak this spring, lost (or didnt 'qualify') as an org for this year. Can u shed any light on what I'm fumbling thru? I rmmbr there was a link to the State of Ak. website that listed the status of orgs in Ak --specifically AMF and I found the sites status of AMF 'curious'.
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