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Thread: Deep snow!

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    Default Deep snow!

    I’ve been at my current site for 7 years now and my normal routine of going out and just checking out my area was spoiled this past weekend. I usually just ride my atv into my area and try to stay on the snow machine trail as long as I can and then snow shoe the rest of the way in. IT WAS A NO-GO for me and my partner. I would say they are at least 2 to 3 ft more of VERY SOFT snow this year. I’m just hoping we have a really quick thaw/break-up this year or my normal first hits of May 27thish may be delayed. Anyone have any thoughts…

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    It all depends on the warmth of the spring. Really wet springs with lots of snow will often force the bears out early. The moisture content of this year's snow is really dry and there really isn't much frost in the ground. I bet that it won't be much of a worse (wetter) spring than normal.


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