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Thread: Old hooks . . ?

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    Default Old hooks . . ?

    I have an assortment of old, double salmon hooks in various sizes from small to large. They are black with a looped, up-eye. I acquired them, if memory serves, from Jack Young's (son of Paul Young, bamboo fly rod maker) shop in Traverse City, Michigan about 40-50 years ago.

    They look like this:
    Attachment 57756
    Are they of any value or interest to fly-tyers today?

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    In their original packaging there might be among hook collectors. "In their day" they were pretty popular and a whole lot of companies made them. As recently as the 1960's I can recall seeing flies tied on them for searun cutts down the west coast. I've got a bunch from Partridge and Mustad I acquired in the 70's and have been sitting on them ever since, waiting till I get around to tying displays of classic cut flies. Another IIRC, black doubles are still popular today for reservoir trout in some regions of England and Scotland.

    There are a few sites dedicated to collectible tackle, so you might cruise there to see if you can learn the specifics.

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    Out of curiosity I googled "double salmon hooks" and got lots of hits for current models from Loop, Tiemco, Daiichi and Mustad. If this link works right you can see for yourself. Like I said, without the original packaging, you may have a hard time zeroing in on what make they are, much less a value.


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