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Thread: full house 45-70 rounds

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    Default full house 45-70 rounds

    I loaded up some speer 400gr soft point behind some H335 with a CCI 250 primer. Before these loads all I have shot where the remington 405 that were safe with all 45-70. All I can say about the full house round are wow and ouch. Great groups touching each other at 50 yards, but after 18 round I was done. What a fun little gun to shot.

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    Default I looked at the 45/70 and cringe

    I bought the .454 casuall Puma ,in stead. Supprizingly friendly shooter too. I tend toward bush type guns rather than the long range weapons. each have their place. Hunting, How far would you dare a shot with the .45/70 ?And would you scope it ?That thought just makes me cringe ?

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    I have loaded some super hot loads in my Browning 1886. 22 inch barrel.
    But since a slower 405 grain bullet will still travel the entire length of a moose body, I was wondering about the point of the whole high velocity exercise. Within 200 yards no moose of griz would ever be able to tell the difference and the trajectory difference within that range was less than I am already shaking...

    My Browning likes these loads for a balance of power and accuracy.

    Bullet: 405 grain jacketed soft point Remington Bulk bullet
    Brass: Winchester virgin
    Primer: CCI-250 magnum
    COL : 2.65 inch, taper crimp
    Range: 100 yards, from sand-bags

    50.0 grains IMR-3031= 1,660 fps and a 1.0 inch group

    54.0 grains IMR-4064= 1,765 fps and a 1.5 inch group

    44.0 grains RL-7.......= 1,751 fps and a 1.5 inch group

    42.0 grains RL-7.......= 1,675 fps and a 2.0 inch group

    38.0 grains IMR-4198= 1,690 fps and a HORRIBLE GROUP

    46.0 grains IMR-3031= 1,538 fps and an other horrible group

    350 grains Oregon Trail Lazer cast, lubed with no gas check

    54.0 grains, Varget= 1,687 fps and a 4.0 inch group.
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    Long ago I settled on 54 grains of H322 and a 405 grain Kodiak Bonded Core bullet. The powder fills up the case and the bullet sits right on it and I have never had one move due to recoil. I am getting around 1,900 fps mv out of my 21" barreled Marlin 1895. Although I have never shot a critter with it I have no doubt it will do the job at any reasonable 45-70 range. Looking back at the critters I have shot in the last 45 years I have no doubt it could have taken 90% of my moose and bears and over half of the caribou. The few actual reports I have read on the bullets performance on bear and moose are good. I have some 440 grain LBT lead bullets but have never tried them. I am sure they would shoot through about any thing.

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    The old 45/70 is just hard to beat as does a lot at under 2,000fps..
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