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    I picked up some Accurate Arms 2700 powder yesterday at at SWH. Prices was "only" $17.97 a pound- considerably cheaper than other similar powders here in AK - so I figured there had to be a reason. They advertised it as suitable for the .30-06 and other medium cartridges as well as the WSSMs. Looking at what data I found it look like it also works well velocity wise in the .375 H&H - in that round the cost saving would be noticeable for practice. The powder is also double base so it may be suitable for cold temperatures but it may also have hot temperature issues.

    Anyone have any experience - good or bad - with this powder? I didn't find much info when I searched the internet but maybe I missed something significant.
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    I believe it is essentially the same powder as W760 and H414 and lies between 4064 and 4350 in burn rate.
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