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Thread: Kenai Penn snow and small critters

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    Default Kenai Penn snow and small critters

    Hey y'all,
    Just wanted to post that the heavy snow on the Kenai Penn south of the Sterling Hwy have really pushed the animals low. Saw 5 ptarmies at 10' above sea level last week, know of others who have observed this as well. It seems I have to work for every small critter i get (no dog), but with snowshoes (non optional) and a scattergun, sometimes it comes together. Peace.
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    Nice, shrew! I've got the dog, but no shotgun; been missin' a lot of runnin' bunnies this winter with the .22
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    Great catch, the extra work is well worth it in the end but perhaps a dog in the near future would not be a bad a idea to help make the runs for you. Thanks for sharing.


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