Like our digital world, Surface-Drive motors are a rapidly evolving technology. Eventually, the mainstream outboard makers will come aboard.

That day has come. Recently announced, MudBuddy, in conjunction with Arkmos Engineering and Mercury Marine, will offer for sale a new mud motor system ... the Sport V and Sport H, to be offered with various large block Briggs/Vanguard powerheads. The lower end is made from either cast SS or cast aluminum, depending on the model. No belts, gear driven, with a hydrodynamic shape, a transmission (drive, neutral, reverse) and many other patented designs and engineering. These advances will filter down through the MB product line. Props so far mentioned are 15.5" and 17.3". The final design has been undergoing hardcore final testing since Feb. 2011. Sales of these new motors is scheduled to begin in Aug 2012. Similar new technology MB Minis are expected Summer of 2013.

The link below is to the announcements in the MudBuddy forum ... you will have to register to enter and await the approval e-mail. It's worth the delay. Included are specs, pictures, CAD drawings and prices. Very cool.

It's fun to watch this developing technology mature. I expect we're going to be seeing many more S-Ds out in the Alaskan woods. I talked to a hunter that has one of the most powerful MB motors on his duck boat, with a BPS 7000 powerhead. 62 horse power. We're starting to get some hp.

(By the way, I am selling nothing. Posted only for information.)