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Thread: GoPro video camera hooked up to Swaro/Leica/quality spotter?

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    Default GoPro video camera hooked up to Swaro/Leica/quality spotter?

    Anyone have any experience mounting a GoPro 1080p camera to any of the major spotters out there? How's the quality? I'm considering buying a GoPro to mount to a swarovski spotter on a sheep hunt this august. Would like to record sheep from a distance and mine and my partner's kill.

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    I really don't know anything about doing this, but would be surprised if it worked. The GoPros have a very wide angle lens.

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    The new Hero 2 has an adjustable FOV. I was surprised to see how well it reduced the fish eye view and pulled the video to closer to actual range. Also, there are flat lens cases available that may help, although they are designed for underwater use. You typically see these cases used on the Discovery channel shark week video. I'm still playing with mine and hope to put it through the paces this weekend.

    I wish these helmet cams put out better video. After short use of the Hero 2 my preferred camcorder is still my handheld. I bought the go pro as an easy means of footage and hopefully underwater shots.


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