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    Ok so here goes my spill. I am in the military, just moved here to the Anchorage area, and would like to spring black bear hunt this spring. I have all my tags, gear, and atv. The only thing else is I have no idea where to go, or what to do. I am asking if someone on here would be nice enough to possibly let me tag along to show me the ropes. I realize we have six feet of snow on the ground, and it will be a while before any hunting is possible. Thanks for any advice, and any offers in advance!

    Thanks Adam

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    Bama, most certainly. It wont be in the area, but more or less a weekend trip east. We'll be setting up baits for our Veteran hunts mid April I believe, your welcome to come and tag along in the woods and help set up, repair and reconstruct wheelchair stands.. ect..

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    Bamaboy I may be able to help you out send me a message if your interested and I ll see what I can do for you...


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