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Thread: 40 Cal Taper Crimp Die Problems

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    Default 40 Cal Taper Crimp Die Problems

    This is the first time for setting up the bench for 40's. I have a Lee 10mm Taper Crimp Die that I can not get the crimp to work right and I am pretty frustrated. The site I bought it from shows it as a 10mm & 40. I know it's my setup or something I am doing wrong so I need some help.

    I have the OAL right on at 1.135 (close to that just can't remember what's in the book). Anyway, I can not get the taper crimp to crimp properly. I have the die about as deep as it can go. If I drop the case in with the die out of the press the case drops the whole way in and appears to touch the bottom or top depending how you look at it of the die. It's almost like the die is stamped a 10mm but it's not if that makes sense.

    Any suggestions? This is my second setup, the first was 45's, so it's not like I am a experienced old timer so don't make any assumptions on my part. So, what am I doing wrong? I must have went through 40 rounds trying to get the OAL and crimp right..

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    It was me... Problem solved..

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    So what was the deal then?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ADfields View Post
    So what was the deal then?
    I figured someone would call me out sooner or later. It was simple actually, since I only ever loaded 45's that's all I had to associate with. So, with the 10mm being a longer case I had to set the crimper deeper/lower. What threw me off was I was comparing the depth of the 45 crimp to the depth of the 10mm crimp. I had to turn the 10mm down so deep that it looked to me like it was either the wrong crimp die or I was screwing something up so I stopped and never went deep enough to get a good crimp on the 40 S&W. In the end, the crimp die needed set so deep that none of the threads on the crimp were showing and it worked fine. Teaches me not to compare one setup to another..


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