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    Lightbulb Handy Digging tools

    The post about digging post holes got me thinking of old tech digging tools that you don`t see around much anymore.
    Last year we did a foundation job that required a lot of tight space excavation. I remembered a tool my grandad had. I think its called a slip scoop or Fresno. I built one out of scrap we had around the plant. When I brought it out the boys laughed but it didn`t take long to convert them.
    We also built what we called a snozle on a set of Bobcat forks. If you have a Bobcat and room to work it was great for up close to the building. Pound for pound and $ for $ I think a Bobcat on tracks with attachments is about the best value of any equipment you can have in a remote location.
    ANy buddy else have thoughts on old tech handy tools ??
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    I used a slip quite a bit when I was younger, even built a boat ramp on a steep river bank. I'm with you on how handy the bobcats are.

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    Your first picture is very similar to a tool used by the old time miners in the early 1900's. They often pulled them with horses, mules and even people. Many a mile of ditch and many a ton of tailings was moved by that kind of tool. Its good to see them still in business.


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