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Thread: DS137 Sheep Help/ Info

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    Default DS137 Sheep Help/ Info

    I was lucky enough to draw DS137 sheep which covers Ship Creek to Girdwood Basically.Its the second hunt from 23 Aug to 4 Sep. I have hunted there for goats before and have some familiarity with the area and the unit but would appreciate any help or pointers from guys who have some experience there chasing sheep or seeing them. I plan on flying it this summer as well as scouting from the ground but any starting points or areas to avoid would be appreciated. I have alot of sheep hunting experience but would love to hear any tips or pointers specific to the area. Thanks for your time and help its very much appreciated.

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    OMG !!!! someone here actually has this tag !!!!! Don't think you need any help........the hardest part is done, Gettin' the Tag !!!!!.....
    I just wanna see that honker ram you get it and when you start packing it down in front of all those Sierrra Club Hikers... try to go in and come out from Bird creek use the trail......................Wish I had this Tag !!!!...Good luck buddy


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