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Thread: Just getting started, Go easy!

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    Default Just getting started, Go easy!

    Well, I started fly fishing two years ago and I have wanted to learn to tie ever since. I found out about the PHW fly tying classes through the VA two weeks ago and decided to give it a shot. The first night was a disaster and I really didnt end up with anything that looked like it would catch a fish, but I learned a few basics. I went home and learned a bit more on the net and this past thursday we tied some scuds.

    I tied a few variation to learn different techniques. I was pretty happy for my first attempts.

    A few days later I went out and picked up some tools and materials to try and do some tying on my own (thanks to 900Fusion for helping me decide where to start!) After alot of youtube watching and online tutorials I started working on some basic wooly booger variations to try this spring at my cabin for Dollies and rainbows.

    And before I quit I tied my first dry fly with a few extra materials I had laying around. Probably going to try to improve on this one!

    All in all, I am pretty happy with my first few attempts and I can see this taking up a chunk of my time in the off season!
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    Looking good. Welcome to the addiction.
    -Tight Lines & head shakin

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    SUCKER! SUCKER! SUCKER! Welcome a Board! I know bad pun eh. Thanks for sharing nice job!

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    You're well and thoroughly launched! Not many guys can do so well after weeks of effort, much less a few days. They'll catch fish for sure, but as important as that they look good enough to show off. You'll know you've really turned a corner when everyone starts trying to bum flies from you.

    One simple word of advice: Buy more fly boxes. Lots and lots and lots of fly boxes!

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    Shop around too for your materials and if you hunt (which it looks like you do) start to collect and keep the furs you get. A simple coat of borax soap and a few other house hold products will keep the skins and materials preserved.

    Also you can dye your own material with RIT from the local store. There are better more expensive dyes created strictly for fly tying, but start cheap to see if you even want to hassle with it. A great book to get is one by AK Best which details how to bleach and dye natural materials.


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