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Thread: Anyone hunted dm872 in unit 23 for Moose?

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    Default Anyone hunted dm872 in unit 23 for Moose?

    Tried the search function but having trouble finding info on this particular unit. How was your experince hunting this unit for Moose? Is your best bet a float hunt? Thanks Birdman

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    Good job on the draw, it's a productive one. dm872 extends from the Kelly up to Anisak River and there are only 8 tags handed out so there will be limited hunters up there. The best of that subunit will be Wrench Creek, the Kelly proper and the Kug. The upper drainages including the Nimmi and the Anisak are less productive although the Nimmi is a good choice but a harder hunt. The largest Bou I have ever seen have come out of the Nimmi and it does produce nice Moose. I have put a number of groups in all of those drainages over the years and can share some additional info if you would like. In 2006 we had 2 huge bulls pulled out of that sub-unit and yes the best and almost the only way is via a float hunt. You can sit and grunt on the Kelly but the others are float rivers.

    Let me know if I can help out.

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    Default Pics from GMU dm872

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    Default Another GMU dm872

    NIce Bou Pic

    This is also wonderful Dolly country with fish in the 15 -20 pound range coming out of the Kelly and Kug and plenty of Brown Bears
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    Default How about a dolly pic?

    Take a look
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