I was given a 1925 winchester model 06 by a friend of mine who thought it was garbage. Granted it was rusted badly, but the action would still open and the bore is still serviceable, so, I took pity on this cool little shooter. After a complete teardown and a good electrolysis treatment, and a long soak in Marvel Mystery Oil.....all parts are pollishing out rather nicely. I'm doing a complete restoration on this gun because I hate to see things like this just get tossed away as junk. My question is this....does anybody have or know of where I might find a few parts? Primarily the magazine tube, as it got bent somehow. Anyways, I know there's always the net and I've found a few good sources, but I'd rather help someone around here out and keep things local.

I was also given a 1941 model 62a. The barrel is bent so I don't think it's worth the effort, however, the action slides nicely and all the components are intact. If anyone needs some parts...interchangeble with the 1890, 06, and 62, or would be willing to trade for what I need.....I'm deffinately more than willing to talk with you. Please feel free to email me.