I thought the title for my post about 16B would keep people from looking at this since. Since I'm now looking at GMU 24 or maybe even 25 I figured I'd re-post it with a new title. Thanks for the advice. I'll steer clear of 16B for this year. I'm somewhat restricted to certain areas because of when my hunting partner can get off of work and we might have a non resident hunter as well so that also limits areas. GMU24 A&B and maybe somewhere in 25 look like they would be good areas that meet most if not all of our requirements and the moose management report says this area has a high moose population. It also says that there is a lot of hunting pressure, especially on the Koyukuk river. I'm guessing since it's reachable by road. With that being said, what river/creek in one of these areas would be good for me that doesn't get too many hunters? I'm wanting to fly in to a fairly remote river. I'm also a bow hunter so I can hunt the Dalton HWY corridoor if the river flows through it but I'd prefer to use a gun since this will be my first float hunt and I'm not looking for an added challenge just yet.
Thanks, Mike