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Thread: Flight delays to Fairbanks

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    Default Flight delays to Fairbanks

    How often and how long are flights typicall delayed when flying into Fairbanks? In particular (if it matters) American Airlines and Alaska Airlines? I know anything can happen but I am curious if anyone has ever had a delay of over 5 hours? I am trying to plan my flight into Fairbank to give enough time without having to sit there for a day for no reason.

    Also is there a way to search this by airline and/or destination? Maybe the FAA has some info?

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    I fly in and out of there all the time and never experienced a weather delay. Had plenty of mechanical delays, but American and Alaska shouldn't have those issues as much. I think Fairbanks is probably one of the most consistantly open run ways in Alaska, at least from my experience.
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    The only serious delays I have seen in Fairbanks that are weather related during hunting season were caused by the Volcano acting up.

    Now on the other hand,, I have had to wait 2 or 3 times for my friends bags to show up. twice the bags did not make it until the next day.
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    Thanks guys, do not remind me about bag not showing........... I would be pacing frantically. I am not a patient person when it comes to getting into the field! FYI I looked and the FHA has some great resources to check delays etc, by airport and everything. FAI was slightly more on time then US average. Good news.

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    This is my best advice [opinion] on setting up flights to any location where you are connecting to a trip that leaves from that town. Just give yourself piece of mind and travel in the day before. Book a nice place to stay, look up and plan to check out a local scene or activity. This includes travel for hunting, fishing, cruises ... everything. If you are late due to any reason...or you have to wait for a bag to come in...missing a hotel or museum/zoo trip or getting your gear the next morning is far better than the alternative.

    The reason I say get there a day early isn't just for you getting there, but all your belongings to be there for when you leave. It doesn't do you any good to be there if you don't have any gear or are granted by the carrier to 'rent' gear on their dime. Don't ruin your vacation by trying to save a dime and cut it too close. Mother-nature happens....mechanical delays happen...and mis-connections happen [for bags as well]. This can all happen not only at your destination but at your connection points as well.

    Remember: the air carrier is responsible for getting you to your airline destination with your baggage. There are some compensatory requirements they must meet if your bags are delayed, or if you are delayed due to mechanical (not weather) such as a hotel if mech. delayed in a connection city...but they do not include paying for your trip should you miss it.

    So, even though the likely-hood that you are significantly delayed arriving at your destination (bags included) are small...even 1% is easy piece of mind to plan accordingly for 'trips of a lifetime'.

    I had the unfortunate "pleasure" over the course of a couple hunting seasons to tell a more than one hunting party that their 5 digit monetary hunt was not our problem because they booked flights from mainline to float plane charter within an hour or two of each other and they were late because the weather that morning in the mid-west/east coast on another carrier was delayed due to thunderstorms and air traffic.

    I think one thing to really thing about is not to worry about the weather in Fairbanks that'll likely be fine...but what about ORD, DFW or SEA. For hunting season here...that's mid/late summer down there and severe weather is pretty common to cause weather delays.

    Hope this info...'helps'.


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